Another Portland band ‘Talkin’ Shit!’

Meet Portland’s PISS TEST. They’ve returned with a new single “Talkin’ Shit!” to combat sexism. You may recognise them from the front row of your show, your cab ride home, or your local rehab facility.

PISS TEST – “Talkin’ Shit” now Streaming on Brooklyn Vegan at:

Hey Hey Hey! Damian from Airwolf PR here! We’re back with another killer track from Portland, OR’s PISS TEST (featuring Zach Brooks, formerly of RED DONS)! We’ve teamed up with our friends Brooklyn Vegan to premiere the track, “Talkin’ Shit,” in which bassist Samantha Gladutakes over the vocals for a rip roaring anthem against the rampant sexism and shit talking about women in the music industry! Give that track a listen at:

LPII from Piss Test comes out NEXT WEEK, May 5th on  DIRTCULT RECORDS, owned and operated by Chris Mason! Mason you may know from his band’s SHANG A LANG & LOW CULTUREboth of which include Joe Ayoub from THE MARKED MEN!

Release date: May 5th
Pre-order link:
“Arizona Cops” Single Premiere from CLRVYNT:
“Talkin’ Shit” Single Premiere from Brooklyn Vegan:
Praise for LPII:

“Punks versus cops is an eternal conflict. Some cops are clearly worse than others, with former “Sheriff Joe” Arapio and the Arizona police department being high on the list. No one is more suited to taking the side of the punks than Portland, Ore., outfit Piss Test. Today, they dropped new track “Arizona Cops,” off their upcoming LP2. The song is a venom-soaked dagger right to the chest, the band charging forward in fiery unison. Singer Zach Brooks’ voice is raspy and pissed off, the perfect complement to the band’s high speeds. The track is gnarly as hell, setting the tone for the rest of the new record.”

From Brooklyn Vegan:
“LP II…is a killer dose of raw, garagey punk with a noticeable ’80s SoCal hardcore influence. We’re premiering “Talkin’ Shit,” a song about misjudging women in the music scene with Samantha Gladu taking the lead. Here’s a sample lyric: “I’m not a merch girl, I’m not a groupie, I won’t fuck these losers, but I’ll smash your head.” The song rips!” 

PISS TEST formed in Portland, Oregon when drummer Rodrigo Diaz was mandated to urinate in a plastic jar in order to secure steady work.

Rodrigo brought up the idea of forming a punk band idea to former Red Don, Zach Brooks. They decided to forgo looking for a bass player, and teach Zach’s better-half Samantha Gladu to play. Rodrigo and Zach figured the last thing the world needs is another punk band with three aging dudes. After all, the couple-plus-a-drummer lineup worked for Dead Moon.  And like Toody before her, Samantha quickly became the driving force of the band, making it her mission to encourage women to start bands and telling the creeps to fuck off.

What’s with the Dead Moon references? PISS TEST don’t sound like Dead Moon! None of them even own a leather vest. You, discerning German music fan, would like specific references? Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can’t help but sound a little bit like The Wipers).  PISS TEST have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren’t really going for, but don’t complain about.

PISS TEST’s sophomore album is coming out on Dirtcult Records in the U.S., and Taken By Surprise Records in Germany.  Following their debut album and a few seven-inches on various labels, they toured under the clever ruse of being the “biggest band in Europe” because Germans don’t understand irony.  PISS TEST will be back to Europe in the Fall of 2017 (if their new authoritarian leader permits it).  On the new record, some songs are funny; some songs are serious; but none are autobiographical, because – if you can’t tell by reading this press release – PISS TEST don’t like writing about themselves.

LPII hits stores on May 5th! Pre-order the record now at:

Tour Dates:

May 5th – The Know – Portland JONNYCAT Cancer Benefit show// Album Release show with Defect Defect / Sleepwalkers R.I.P / Mr. Wrong

Samantha Gladu – Bass/Vocals
Zach Brooks – Guitar/Vocals
Rodrigo Diaz – Drums

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