18671196_10158580154475408_8535820586504827431_nThe night of the Way Out Radio Bon Voyage Party kicked off after hours of setting up in our secret location on Friday 26th May 2017. The day before had been our last live UK radio broadcast from the Kane FM studio and we had special guests Lickle B from Davinci Sound, Mister Martyn from Bass-invaders and CJ Dread from the Boom and Bass crew. The show went incredibly well with lots of people listening and texting in to the studio. Listen back to the show here: 18739753_10158581079355408_6481542681077863821_n

After the broadcast there were goodbye drinks with the DJs and everyone went out for dinner together. The atmosphere was really vibrant with memories, laughs and love.

So the send off had already began and it was really exciting! Friday we arrived at the location and got to work setting up canopies, putting down flooring, arranging tables and chairs, setting up the drum kit, wiring up the PA and DJ equipment and deciding what to wear.

18738606_10155168780065851_6079323742736516785_oBy 7pm people had already started arriving. Drinks were flowing, the BBQ was cooking and the Trojan sounds were blasting out onto the dance floor. By 9pm the place was packed and Thee Dagger Debs took to the stage. With a limiting sound system, only 4 channels on the mixer and a microphone hanging down from the roof with no stand, the band cracked on, playing hard and fast rock n roll. Keeping most of their songs around 2 mins thrashing through at lightening speed, reminiscent of The Ramones, the three piece girl band are taking the UK music scene by storm, newly signed to Damaged Goods Records and dubbed The Holy Trinity of Pub Rock. From 10pm till midnight the place was seriously alive, packed with people dancing, chatting, eating and drinking. A lot of people commented on what a great bunch were there, everyone was interesting and upbeat. All in all a great send off!


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