An Interview with The Blue Carpet Band

|Questions answered by Djamel, Lead Singer |  Interviewer: Paula Frost|

How did the five of you meet and how long have you been together? We meet about 5 years ago, I was fronting a band called Now Loading and Hiras and Nat used to go to watch the band when they supported mutual friends Room 9 after Now Loading broke up they asked me if I would be interested in doing a project. Terry was soon brought in due to him and Hiras playing together as kids after that we met Angelo our first drummer through online music forums. After 4 years of playing every dive imaginable Angelo believed it was time for him to move on and our good friend Luke Hackett stepped up and has been our drummer ever since.

What is it about The Cramps, The Doors and Iggy Pop that influence you? I guess it’s the performance and theatrics of their stage presence. It’s so powerful it makes you stop and realize this is real, alive music, not electronic and lifeless. We love the raw proto punk sound and the heavy rock n roll influences attributed to those artists also.

Where does your strictly DIY attitude come from? Well we started rehearsing and earning our stripes at T Chances music venue and that place is very DIY they showed us it was possible to do everything off our own backs if we made the right contacts. Also hearing horror stories from friends who had been giving all the backing only to be shafted later made us have a long hard think and we decided we would never sign to anyone that could only offer what we could ultimately achieve ourselves.

Where in north London do you come from? Is there much of a scene there? We are based in Tottenham and the scene there is thriving. Lots of amazing bands and artists in the area T Chances (Tottenham Chances) is considered one of the best Punk venues in the UK.

You’re a band on a mission against the mainstream, what artists in particular make you angry? What ethics do you want to bring to the music scene? I guess it’s the whole mainstream that ruin the industry giving anyone who jumps on the pop/electronic crossover band wagon the limelight. People like the Justin Biebers or the X Factor/ Voice generation of artists. It’s just such a half-arsed way to make it. they haven’t had to play the small gigs to nobody or sleep on floors or stages after gigs they just haven’t had to work, it’s handed to them. We want people to know hard work pays off and being different is good.

How did you all learn to play? Hiras, Terry and Nat learned guitar in school, Hiras and Terry helped Natalino teach himself to play bass. Luke learned as a teenager and went on to a course in college.
I’ve been performing from the age of 5 singing, acting, dancing, all self taught.

Have you been in bands before? Terry and Hiras were in a band together in high school. Luke has been in Blatoidea and is still in Butcher Baby and Parilla Shock. I’ve been in Stick No Billz, Toy Collection, Now loading and am also in Parilla Shock.

Your music has elements of blues-rock like The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones – What is it about that music you love? We did start out as a blues band due to Hiras being influenced by  BB King, David Gilmore and Terry being a big Hendrix fan. We would have to say it’s the rawness, the energy and the performance. The realness of the blues.

What bands influence you from New York punk and late 60’s protopunk? New York Dolls, Stooges, Television, The Music Machine, MC5

What’s a live show like for you? Do you prefer it to studio? We are definitely a live band we aren’t too comfortable in the studio but get us on stage and we come alive.   

What gigs have you got coming up this summer and what are you looking forward to? We have some great festival slots at Undercover fest, Mayhem at Micks, Deerstock and some gigs Supporting The Uk Subs in Southend, The Heavy Drapes, The Witchdoktors and Weird Things at the 100 club in September.

But for a full list of gigs feel free to check out our website:

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