Hey guys, as you know this is an online fanzine but we do actually print physical fanzines too and distribute them as far and wide as we can. Starting out in Margate, they’ve already reached as far as London, Blackpool, Amsterdam and even the shores of Tenerife. If you’ve taken your fanzine somewhere cool for a read, make sure you share a pic on our twitter @wayoutradio or Facebook.com/wayoutzine

If you haven’t got a copy yet we can post them to you for £1 (UK). If you’d like to become a distributor, thats awesome too. Just email us at paula@wayoutradio.com

Thanks 🙂 x

WAY OUT MUSIC ZINE is now available to pick up at:

Vinyl Head, Ramsgate

Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

PLINTH, Margate

Hardedge, Reading

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